The world of beauty can be very overwhelming, different brands to choose from, different product and their many functions, and wondering if this will work for your specific need. 


I love trying new makeup products all the time. It’s so much fun! But, skincare products? That’s a whole different story in my opinion.

If a lipstick shade doesn’t suit you, you can wipe it off. But if your moisturizer isn’t working? You could get a breakout. Or an irritation, or waste money in purchase, and we know its never that cheap, especially for high-end brands like LA MER and the rest of them. 

Do you ever just stumble upon a YouTube product review, or a review blog post about a product that you just want to try out, usually sticking to your tried and tested staples is safer. But, sometimes you just really want to try something new. 

Whatever the reason there are ways to how can you introduce new skincare products in your routine without the risk of breakouts and breaking BANK ? Here are a few tips to help you out:

1- The first step is to figure out your skin type and concerns. Is your skin oily and breaking out all the time? Or dry and mired with dark spots? Or it’s pretty normal and you just want to get started with anti-aging? when you have figured this out, you can now move forward with finding the right products that suits your need. 

2- You don’t have to be a guinea pig. Lots of other people have already tried the products you’re interested in and shared their opinion online. yes as i said earlier, places like YouTube, and Bloggers have reviews that they share online to help you narrow down products that may help you. 

Brazilian Bum Bum

3- Ok, so all the reviews are good and you really, really, really want to try that cream. But… it’s not exactly cheap, and you’d like to take it for a test drive first. You go for samples those can tell if you like the texture or if the product will irritate your skin BUT NOT if it does what it claims. You need to use a product for roughly a month before you can see a difference (or not). 

NWADI  mostly have travel size products that you can try for that duration of time without having to spend so much money, so if it work, you can be rest assured that your money will be well spent when you purchase the full size. 

4- Ok, so you got a new skincare set, or went a bit overboard at NWADI and you are home with a big skincare haul. Good for you. Just don’t use all your new skincare products at once but, try one at a time. And what I mean by one at a time, I mean try a new product every 2/3 weeks. yes that sounds like a long wait. But it takes that long to see if a product works.


 At NWADI we provide you with beauty products from fragrances to makeup and skincare, offering a combination from each that you can test with out breaking the bank. 

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