NWADI, as a Brand is committed to providing you with quality products, whether it is an original or from a brand that you may be familiar with.

We want to talk about our new eyelash line. this is an original for sure and trust me you'll love it. 

Its 2021 and the game has changed when it comes to makeup, the way you apply your foundation, concealers, blush, all have new techniques and products to make it effortless. our new line of lashes is no different. 

Drug store lashes do not do the trick anymore, from the stiffness of the lash to the thickness of the strip, nothing sexy about that, especially in this time, where beauty and makeup take the first two spot when it comes to trend. 

Lashes have been known to change looks, from just being regular to being a BOMBSHELL!!! it sure is a game changer and a very essential part of your makeup kit!


There are two types of lashes, the strip lashes and the single lashes but were focusing on just one.

STRIP lashes are false lashes that cover the entire lash line with just one pre-styled strip, they usually come in a one size fits all package, which can be resized depending on whose wearing them. 

why should you wear strip lashes

  • they are easy to apply
  • do not require professional help
  • can be worn multiple times ( this depends of the brand)
  • affordable price point
  • to stay camera ready
  • variety of styles 

 why LUX LASHES by Nwadi

first thing you should know is that our lashes are 5D, 6D, and 7D mink... YES!!

yes they may be false, but definitely as real as your natural eyelash only more visible. 

the hair on the lashes are virgin hair, light weight, soft, fluffy and reusable for up to 30 times, yes quote me on that! they also can be dyed into any color you want,( this will reduce the viscosity of the lash) with a 100% thin cotton band, that is very comfortable to wear, trust me when I say you will definitely want to have this in your makeup kit. 

who are LUX LASHES for?

prefect for Beginners, that are still figuring out ways to enhance their eyes, Everyday wearers, that are looking to customize their look, Brides, for that picture perfect look, new Moms looking for a quick fix for tired looking eyes, Makeup Influencers, looking to try new makeup trends and everything in-between. 


We recommend starting with on of our best sellers from our lux collections we hope wearing our lashes make you feel confident, beautiful and strong.

thank you for choosing LUX LASHES by Nwadi.  

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